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Havelet, an independent assignment firm, offers tax-efficient periodic payment solutions for attorneys seeking to organize the receipt of contingency fees, including personal injury cases. Additionally, Havelet caters to claimants aiming to manage their qualified and non-qualified settlements in a tax-savvy way.

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  • Celebrating over 10 years of business.
  • Unlike domestic non-qualified assignment companies, Havelet can benefit from reduced withholding tax on dividends. Barbados-US Treaty benefits, specifically Article 22(2) and IRS section 72(u) are substantial and can mean tax savings up to and including 30%.
  • Havelet clients can customize deferral and payment terms. We offer lump sum distributions as well as non-regular distributions.
  • Havelet employs an investor control policy in accordance with The Tax Court’s adopted safe harbors regulations as articulated in Rev Ruling 2003-91, 2003-2 C.B.237 to protect the attorney (or claimant) against constructive receipt.
  • All assets assigned to Havelet’s variable investment strategies are held in the US, in segregated client accounts with well-known and highly respected investment firms as custodians.
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The Benefits to You

Through our specialized attorney fee deferral product, we eliminate all US tax implications for the attorney or claimant. Leveraging a private placement annuity contract, we align with pertinent tax treaties, ensuring neither the assignment nor the portfolio growth incurs US tax. This critical, often overlooked tax consideration sets us apart from other providers. The investments are managed in the US by asset managers with over $1tn in assets under management.

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Security Through Segregated Accounts

A private placement annuity contract is a special kind of agreement used to manage and grow money. Think of it like a special savings account designed to maximize financial benefits. Havelet’s sole business line is the provision of attorney fees and claimant-structured settlement products. All premiums are held in US-based segregated client accounts with no commingling of assets. This means that the money in this ‘savings account’ can grow without incurring usual taxes. For you, the benefit is clear: more of your money stays with you, instead of going towards taxes, allowing for a potentially larger financial gain over time.