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Registered in Bermuda as an investment manager under the Bermuda Monetary Authority, we presently oversee the Blackoak Alpha Growth Fund. Alpha Longevity Management Ltd delivers comprehensive life settlement fund management services.

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  • The Blackoak Alpha Growth Fund currently provides a proven track record investing in US life settlements.
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Uncorrelated Returns

The mission is to provide non-correlated, strong, and absolute returns in a tax-efficient structure. The fund invests in individual life settlements and targets better-than-average risk-adjusted returns. We use the latest actuarial information for all our investments, and we apply a valuation methodology that is transparent and accountable. Combined with a competitive fee structure, we feel we are the most investor-aligned open-ended life settlement fund in the market.

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Harnessing a Super Trend

The aging of the population and changing wealth patterns in the U.S. make the sale of life insurance policies a viable asset for many. The 65+ years old segment of the population is growing rapidly, yet many retiring Americans do not have sufficient savings to pay their future expenses as one reason for selling a life insurance policy. Now that 42 states regulate the sale of a life insurance policy, the marketplace is well established and regulated.