Guiding Global Investors Through the World of Longevity and Esoteric Assets

Alpha Growth plc is a group of companies that focuses on life insurance linked wealth and esoteric asset management. The group of companies are regulated and established businesses in the life insurance linked wealth and asset management category.

Led by an experienced management team, with proven track records in operations and acquisitions in multiple jurisdictions, Alpha Growth plc is a leader in providing wealth management and investment solutions to a growing international client base who seek strategies to preserve and grow their wealth tax efficiently.


The following table are examples and not comprehensive.

MASS AFFLUENTCredit quality, tax efficient income and growthUnit linked life policies investing in funds with income and growthAILAC
UHNW AND FAMILY OFFICECredit quality. Long duration assets for future generationsPrivate Placement Life Insurance; high quality investment returnsALM; AGM; PLAC
INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORSLiquidity. Low entry value. Growth. Credit quality with growth. Deferred incomeGrowth and income funds; 
private placement variable annuity structures for tax efficiencyPLAC; AGM
PENSION FUNDS, FUNDS OF FUNDSMatching long dated liabilities with long dated assetsGrowth fundsALM; PLAC

Alpha Longevity Management Ltd (ALM) – registered investment manager of private life settlement fund. Alpha Growth Management LLC (AGM) – registered investment manager of registered fund. Havelet Assignment Company (HACL) – manages litigation settlement funds for claimants and attorneys. Providence Life Assurance Company (PLAC) – provides private placement life insurance. Alpha International Life Assurance Company (AILAC) – provides unit linked life insurance policies.


Market-Specific Solutions for UHNW/HNW/Mass Affluent Clients

Alpha Growth plc aims to increase its value for shareholders by concentrating on growing its businesses that link life insurance with investment management. We do this by expanding our existing operations and by buying other businesses that can add to our income and complement our current strategies.

We specialize in creating tailored financial solutions for UHNW/HNW/Mass Affluent clients in the U.S., U.K., and other parts of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We are able to accomplish this with our seasoned management teams, who are experts in navigating complex international rules.